About Us

Dar-e-Butool [Door of Fatima] is a non profit organization aiming on nurturing the spiritual and social needs of Muslims and other communities in the San Francisco Bay Area through education based on the Shia School of Thought. Located in Fremont, CA, Dar-e-Butool desires to serve the local community as both a religious community center and center of Islamic education for all those looking to be enlightened.
Dar-e-Butool or ‘Door of Fatima’ represents the historical event of when the door of the house of The Prophet’s only Daughter is pushed against her thus injuring her, causing internal bleeding leading to her Martyrdom as well as the Martyrdom of her unborn son Muhsin still in her womb.  The name is a reminder of the story never forgotten and the justice we still seek.
We are not looking to divide.
We seek to increase awareness of the injustices committed against the Ahlulbayt or The Blessed Family of the Prophet since the beginning of the message so the researcher can decide on their own on the Right Path within this religion of Peace and Tolerance.
Please feel free to join any one of our programs and ask your questions.

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